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Site Map

Here on this page we'll list all of the website pages. So if you lose your way around the site, just come back here. If you remember seeing something but are not quite sure where to find it, this page should help you locate it quickly.


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The Facts


6 Mistakes to Avoid
7 Tips for Transitioning from Public School to Homeschooling
7 Tips to Help You Become the Best Homeschooling Parent You Can Be
Homeschooling Basics
Homeschooling Books
Homeschool Support
How to Homeschool Free for the First Year
Why Homeschool
Your Homeschooling Questions Answered


Homeschooling Methods
Tips for Customizing Homeschooling Methods
Learning Styles
Know Your Child's Learning Style
What Is The Classical Homeschooling Method
What Is The Eclectic Homeschooling Method
What is Unschooling

Pros and Cons

Both Sides of the Homeschooling Story
Homeschooling Stereotypes and the Real Truth

The Resources 


"A Christian Character ABC's"
"A Parent's Prayer"
Christian Homeschooling
Creating a Christian Homeschool Curriculum
Daily Bible Story
Daily Blessings
Father's ABC's
Homeschool Bible Curriculum
Kids Bible Crafts
Power of Prayer
Prayer Journal
Top Ten Benefits of Homeschooling Your Child


6 Tips to Help You Find the Best Curriculum for You
How to Choose a Homeschool Curriculum that is Right for You

Homeschool Art - 4 Benefits of Arts and Crafts
Homeschool Math Lab Days - Thinking Outside the Books
Homeschool Math - Some Teaching Tips
Homeschool Reading - Tips, Ideas and Resources
Used Homeschool Curriculum - 10 of the Best Sites on the Web

Homeschool Subjects

Homeschooling Art

Artistic Appreciation and Creation for Every Child
Crafting Family Time
Graphic Design - A Comprehensive Guide
4 Benefits of Arts and Crafts

Homeschooling Entrepreneurship

Homeschooling and Entrepreneurship - 5 Reasons They Fit Together
Homeschooling Entrepreneurship - 10 Tips
Homeschooling Entrepreneurship - Encouraging Your Children in Their Uniqueness
Homeschooling Entrepreneurship - Homeschooling Music - Teach Your Children to Play a Musical Instrument
Homeschooling Entrepreneurship - Homeschooling Music - The Hendersons Bluegrass Gospel Band
Homeschooling Entrepreneurship - SBI vs Wordpress: Which is the Better Deal for Your Needs?
Homeschooling Entrepreneurship - Some Videos for some Inspiration
Homeschooling Entrepreneurship - The Importance of Communication Skills
Homeschooling Entrepreneurship - 5 Tips for Developing Communication Skills in Children

Homeschooling Foreign Language

Top Tips for Teaching Foreign Language

Homeschooling History

Homeschool History - Alaska
100 Years (1912-2012)
Quck Ideas for Making History Fun by Cindy Rushton

Homeschooling Music

Homeschool Music - Hear/Purchase our Bluegrass Gospel CD's
Homeschool Music - 2013 - The Year in Pictures
Homeschool Music - Some Videos - Matthew playing with Kody Norris
Homeschool Music - Some Free Beginning Instructional Videos

Homeschooling Photography

Digital Photography 101
Differences between a Point and Shoot and DSLR Camera
Point and Shoot Camera vs DSLR - Benefits and Drawbacks
The Top 4 Features to Look For When Buying a Point and Shoot Camera
Product Review - The Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS
Product Review - The Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
Product Review - The Nikon Coolpix AW100
Product Review - The Olympus Stylus TG-2 his

Homeschooling Physical Education

Homeschool Curriculum - Implementing Physical Education

Homeschooling Reading

5 Tips to Help Increase Your Child's Early Reading Skills
Reading Tips, Ideas & Resources

Homeschooling Science

10 Tips for Homeschooling Science
Homeschooling Science - Some Videos
Homeschool Science - Free (for limited time) Video Science Lesson - How to Scientifically Measure the Speed of Light with a Chocolate Bar

Homeschooling Woodworking

Tips and Ideas for homeschooling Woodworking

Curriculum Reviews


Artistic Pursuits
How Great Thou Art


Bible Truths for Early Childhood: Walking God's Way
Building on the Rock
Grapevine Bible Studies
My Awesome God Bible Story Book
We Choose Virtues

Complete Curriculums

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE)

Alpha Omega Homeschool Curriculum
Answers in Genesis (Bible, History, Science)
Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum
Christian Liberty Press
Christ Centered Curriculum (phonics, reading, math, ages 4- 2nd grade)
Christian Light Education Curriculum
Easy Peasy All In One Curriculum
Memoria Press Complete Programs for K through 6
Oak Meadow Curriculum
Ron Paul Curriculum

Foreign Language

Learnables Foreign Language Course
Pimsleur Foreign Language Programs
Rosetta Stone


Analytical Grammar
Growing with Grammar
Power Basic Singles: Basic English by Walch (Remedial Program)


Handwriting without Tears
Peterson Directed Handwriting


Brimwood Press
Dave Raymond's American History by Compass Classroom
Guerber History Series
The Story of the World
Trail Guide to Learning Series
TruthQuest History

Language Arts

Learning Language Arts through Literature

Literature Based

Ambleside Online
An Old Fashioned Education
Bright Ideas Press (History, Geography, Science, Music)
Five In A Row
Living Books Curriculum
Sonlight K-12th
Tapestry of Grace
WinterPromise Curriculum
Write From Modern History Level 2


Horizons Math
Making Math More Fun
Math Boxes Curriculum
Math on the Level
Math Without a Calculator-Fun with Figures
Saxon Math


Family Time Fitness
Fundamentals of Photography
Homeschool Programming
Typing Instructor


Complete Curriculum, LLC
Switched-On Schoolhouse

Phonics and Reading

A Home Start in Reading
All About Reading
Frontline Phonics
Hooked On Phonics Learn to Read
Delightful Reading Kit
Phonics Pathways, 10th Edition
Rainbow Reader Reading Games and Phonics Games
Reading Eggs

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Bible Truths for Early Childhood: Walking God's Way
earts and Hands Beginning Drills in Letters, Phonics and Numbers
Horizons Preschool Curriculum Set
Sonlight (preschool)


24 Hour Science Projects
CKE Creation Science by Bright Ideas Press
God's Design Science
Living Learning Books
Supercharged Science
Young Explorer Science Series


All About Spelling
Building Spelling Skills Series
Spelling Made Easy (Grades 6 through 8)
The Phonetic Zoo (Excellence in Spelling)

Unit Studies

Amanda Bennett
In The Hands Of A Child


Vocabulary Fun
Vocabulary Spelling City


Institute for Excellence in Writing

Product Reviews

1001 Writing Projects For Students
ABCs of Homeschooling Class
"Cashflow Quadrant" Book Review
Focus Pocus
"Killing Lincoln" Book Review
Lamplighter Books
Lumosity Brain Training
PC Tattletale
Speed (Math Game)
Speed Study Techniques
"The Boy Who Never Lost A Chance" Book Review
The Home Scholar Total Transcript System
The Homeschooler's Book of Lists
"The Last Line of Defense" Book Review
"The Parent's Guide to Raising CEO Kids" Book Review
The Teenage Homeschooling Success Manual
The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas
The Ultimate Homeschool Planner
The Well-Trained Mind Book Review


A Fun Bonding Experience
Christian Preschool Curriculum Tips and Ideas
Bible Crafts
Early Learning Pros and Cons 


Homeschool Kindergarten Successfully
Free Homeschool Resources for Kindergarten


Homeschool High School Beginner's Guide
Homeschooling High School Online
Preparing Your Homeschooler for College


What is Secular Homeschooling
Some Publishers of Secular Homeschool Curriculum


Tips and Ideas


6 Mistakes to Avoid as a Homeschooling Parent
5 Essential Ingredients to Homeschooling Success by Terri Johnson
5 Ways to Juggle Homeschooling and Work
If I Were The Devil
Family Values - How To Teach Responsibility And Raise Responsible Kids
Five Tips to Help Teach Responsibility to Your Kids - Dad's Perspective
Homeschooling Leadership Qualities
How to Homeschool Multiple Grades 
Leadership Skills to Teach Kids
How to be a Leader for Your Kids & How to Create a Home Environment that Instills Leadership
Learning Tools to Use Instead of Textbooks 
Homeschool Games
How to Nurture and Educate Your Child so They Want to Learn
Raise Godly Children
Thoughts on Creativity by Andrew Pudewa
Ways to Teach Math

Brain Training

What is Brain Training and How Can it Help with Homeschooling


"A Christian Character ABC's"
Five Tips for Teaching Perseverance to Your Children
Homeschooling Christian Character Traits
Instilling Family Values


Encouragement for Homeschooling Parents
Encouragement Poem
Some Encouraging Statements
Power of Prayer

Family Fun

Homeschool Activities
Exploring a Cave
Turn Daily Cooking Lessons into Educational Lessons
The Best Homeschool Games
Educational Toys for 2013

Field Trips

How to Plan Successful Homeschool Field Trips
Online/Virtual Field Trips

Career-Based Field Trip Ideas

Advertising Agency
Computer Programmer
Dam Worker
Federal Government
Fire Department

Free Reports Page


Frugal Living Tips for Homeschooling Moms
Homeschooling Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune
Homeschooling is Green
Is homeschooling expensive?


Homeschool Holidays
Bible Verses for the New Year
Throw Out Your New Year's Resolutions
Valentines Day Ideas
Valentines Day Poem
St. Patricks Day Menu
Essential Meaning of Easter
The History of Jelly Beans
Resurrection Cookies Recipe and Story
Easter Poems
Mother's Day
Mother's Day Poems
Father's Day Poem
Summertime Activities
Another Declaration of Independence
Veteran's Day Poem
Veteran's Day Prayer
Thanksgiving Activities
Christmas - The Real Meaning
7 New Christmas Traditions
Christmas Activities and Games
Christmas Tree Activities
Christmas Week Menu Planner
Christmas Week Menu Plan Grocery List
Fun Holiday Gift Ideas
Why Jesus Is Better Than Santa Claus

Inspirational Family Poems

Homeschooling Music - The Hendersons Bluegrass Gospel Band

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