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What Is Secular Homeschooling?
Is It Right For You?

What Is Secular Homeschooling? 

Many parents decide to homeschool because they want complete control over the lessons presented to their children. While this means many want to make sure the lessons are in line with their religious beliefs, there are many families who homeschool without making it a religious affair. Secular homeschooling is conducted much the same as religious homeschooling, but the choice in materials and field trips will likely be quite different.

As more and more families decide to educate their children at home, there are a variety of homeschool models developing. Many of these newer models fall into the category of secular homeschooling. For instance, Ohio students can now sign up for an at-home program that allows students to do all of their work from home while still being considered a part of the public school system. Hybrid homeschooling is also grabbing attention across the country. This is a form of homeschooling where children attend a charter or private school for two or three days a week and then complete work at home the rest of the week.

You can also choose to become a full-time homeschooling family without basing lessons on religious beliefs. This works well for families who are not religious, but it also works for those who just wish to keep their religious beliefs separate from the educational pursuits of their children. Secular homeschooling can also work well for families that do not have one unified religious belief. For instance, if mom and dad share different beliefs and want their children to make their own religious choices, then secular studies would be a comfortable middle ground for homeschooling.

Is Secular Homeschooling for You?

Secular homeschooling may be easier to plan and conduct than homeschooling programs based on religious beliefs. You do not have to make sure that all of your curriculum choices adhere to your beliefs and blend well with one another. Your children can go on a wide variety of field trips without worrying how they will tie into your religious studies. You can also teach your children about different religions and regions of the world without justifying why your religious view is better or sounder than other popular beliefs in the world.

If you have strong religious beliefs and want to bring your children up with a strong understanding of those beliefs, then secular homeschooling may not be for you. Even if you decide to follow religion-based curriculum at home, you can still use some secular resources to ensure your children receive a well-rounded education from home.

Secular homeschooling is perfect if you do not have strict religious beliefs that you want to pass onto your children, or you want to give your children greater freedom to explore religious matters and make their own decisions without aggressive religious studies.

Tips for Secular Homeschool Families

Secular homeschooling is not much different from any other type of homeschooling. You simply choose curriculum and other resources that do not lean heavily on religious themes. Some more information and publishers of secular homeschool curriculum can be found here by clicking here which will take you to another page on this site. Here are some tips to get you thinking of creative yet effective ways to start homeschooling your children in a secular fashion:

  1. If an older child catches an interest in a series of books, try to develop a language arts program around those books. You do not have to purchase all of your curriculum if you create your own programs based on your child's interests.
  2. If you hear of an interesting lesson or resource being used by religious homeschoolers, create something similar for your own children. You can get ideas from a variety of other homeschool programs and create something that fits your family in a more appropriate manner.
  3. Allow your children to explore their own beliefs, and work that into your lessons if they want to learn more about specific religious themes. You may be into secular homeschooling, but you should not be afraid of religion.

There are many reasons you may decide that secular homeschooling is for you. Seek out secular homeschooling groups in your local area and online to gain the support of others who want to design an at-home secular school environment for their children as well.

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