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Homeschooling - Advantages

There are always two sides to every story, and it's no different with home education. Yes, there are both pluses and minuses to teaching your children at home; so one must look at the total picture. Below I've provided a list of the advantages and disadvantages of home education that you may find helpful. We'll start with the advantages first.

You're in Control - Homes educating your children means that you are in control over what they learn. It gives you the freedom to pick and choose what your children learn to enrich their educational experience. There is little long-standing knowledge among regular school goers because most things are learned for the exam. There is no correlation of facts with life. The child may know a lot, but understands very little. This is where the homeschoolers beat the regular school goers. Ultimately, homeschoolers emerge more adept at facing the outside world.

You Can Customize - One of the negatives of the public school system is that there isn't a way to customize the teaching so that every student learns. However, when you homeschool, you have the time and ability to learn the style in which your child learns best and customize your teaching to fit their learning style.

You Pick the Curriculum - As the teacher, you have the final say in what materials your children will learn with. You will get to determine what curriculum is used and how much time and energy is spent on each subject.

You Can Give Individual Attention - Your children will get the one-on-one teaching that they need to successfully learn about any given subject. It's been proven that children learn better when given individual attention.

Extended Family Activity - The schooling of your children becomes an extended family activity. Parents get involved in every step of the learning procedure. Field trips and experiments become family activities. Thus, the child receives more quality time with his parents. The entire family shares games, chores and projects. Family closeness becomes the focus here. The child is also free of any negative peer pressure while making choices and decisions.

Competition is Limited - Your children do not need to prove their ability with regards to other children. Their confidence remains intact. Since parents have a deep understanding of their childrem, they can plan the learning program to pique their interest. It is also possible to intersperse difficult tasks with fun activities. A tough hour of Algebra can be followed by a trip to the nearest museum. Learning becomes fun.

Moral and Religious Learning - Home education allows parents to take control over the moral and religious learning of their children. Parents have the flexibility to incorporate their beliefs and ideologies into their children's curriculum. There is no confusion in the child's mind either because there is no variation between what is being taught and what is being practiced.

Positive homeschool setting - deviates the child's attention from alcohol, premarital sex, drugs and violence that could destroy their future. Since homeschooled children are free from peer pressure, they are more likely to have friends from church and community activities.

Lastly, more and more parents are getting disillusioned with the public school system. They believe their children are being pushed too hard or too little. Other worrying issues pertaining to discipline and ethics also make the school system less welcome. Many repudiate the educational philosophy of grouping children solely on the basis of their age. Some parents themselves have unhappy memories of their own public school experience (including myself) and that motivates them to opt for homeschooling when it comes to their own children.

Homeschooling really is the best way to teach your children. After all, nobody can understand or appreciate your children more than their parents or guardians.

Home Education - The Darker Side

It's not all hunky-dory and smooth sailing on the homeschooling front. Like all things in life, there is a downside that has to be considered when you explore the homeschooling option.

Time Consuming - Home education isn't something that takes tons of time, but it does take time. You will need to allow time for preparing lessons which may include conducting research, printing off worksheets, exercises, maps, etc. You will also need to fit in the normal daily activities and errands as well as homeschool.

What helped me in this area was looking at homeschooling as my 'full-time, 8 hours-per-day job'; everything else gets done before or after 'work'. Since homeschooling doesn't take anywhere near 8 hours (we spend between 3 and 4 hours per day) it was easy for me to incorporate all the other daily activities and errands into my '8 hour work day'. I find homeschooling very liberating. I actually have more time for 'everything else' than when I was working outside the home and my kids were in school.

You Need to Keep Records - To the degree of which you will need to keep records of your children's progress depends on the state you live in. So, check your state and local rules for home education and keep accurate records.

You Will Spend Money - There is some expense involved with home education. You will need to take into consideration how much the curriculum costs as well as any loss of income if you are choosing to leave your job to teach your children. However, keep in mind that you will have some control over how much you spend in homeschooling expenses.

You Will be Criticized - Unfortunately, families who choose to educate their children at home do find themselves being criticized by those who do not homeschool and by other family members who do not agree or understand your decision to homeschool. Therefore, you will need to have "tough" skin if you take on this rewarding endeavor.

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You are the mother or the father, so who has the best way of educating your children, YOU! You know what is best and their learning styles. You are the best teacher and you can tailor fit your lessons according to their uniqueness. If you think that the best place to learn the essentials is your home, then homeschooling is for you, and for a little extra encouragement, check out the infographic below on how American homeschoolers measure up.

Homeschooled: How American Homeschoolers Measure Up

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