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SBI vs Wordpress:
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Homeschooling Entrepreneurship - SBI vs. Wordpress: Which is the Better Deal for Your Needs?

The battle between Site Sell’s SBI and Wordpress has been raging for quite some time. There are strong supporters on both sides of the field, and that gets many people confused when they are ready to set up a website for the first time. The only way to determine which service will meet your needs best is to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each, but first ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Is your goal to establish a blog or website, or is your goal to start a legitimate business that will earn you money for many years to come?
  2. Are you willing to spend time learning about web design so you can build a functional website, or do you prefer to receive some assistance on the coding part so you can get down tot he business of making money?
  3. Do you fully understand what it takes to create a profitable website from site concept and keyword research to search engine optimization and navigation systems?

Your answers to these three questions will ultimately tell you whether Site Sell’s SBI or Wordpress is the best option for your needs. Review the advantages and disadvantages of each service below and ask yourself which service best fits your needs.

Homeschooling Entrepreneurship - Wordpress Advantages

  • The most popular blogging platform available for those who want their own domain name.
  • A static front page can be used to give a blog the appeal of a full website.
  • Hundreds of thousands of templates and themes are available.
  • Many themes are designed specifically for particular niches or subject matter.
  • Most hosting services make it simple to install Wordpress after you purchase a domain name and hosting account. With just a few clicks you can install the program and access your backend controls for your website or blog.
  • The basic Wordpress download is free.
  • Many blogs and websites give tips and ideas for customizing themes or solving problems during the design process.

Homeschooling Entrepreneurship - Wordpress Disadvantages

  • Templates and themes are often downloaded by hundreds or thousands of people, and not every user will customize the look and feel. This means some websites or blogs look identical or extremely similar.
  • Wordpress was originally designed as a blog platform rather than a website builder.
  • In order to achieve a unique website or blog, you must customize a theme or create your own website from scratch. This requires knowledge of HTML, Dreamweaver, or other technologies used to create functional, well-designed websites and blogs.
  • No help is offered beyond basic set-up of the program. Users must know how to design their site, adjust settings, fill the site with content, and then market it appropriately online.
  • Themes and templates can be expensive, and then you must pay more for someone to customize the look and feel to get the website you want.
  • Keyword research tools and other essential tools must be purchased separately at additional expense.

If you know a little HTML, understand online marketing fully, and know how to appropriately determine the focus of your website and the keywords needed to make it a success, then you may consider using Wordpress rather than SBI. Wordpress is the cheapest and fastest way to establish a blog, and with more effort you can create a full website with a unique look and feel at a reasonable cost.

Wordpress is best if you want to establish a quick blog or transfer an existing blog from a free blogging platform. If your goal is to establish a full website and monetize it for real income, you have a lot to learn and no support when you use Wordpress.

Homeschooling Entrepreneurship - SBI Advantages

  • All tools needed to build a legitimate online business are included in one yearly price. This includes expensive keyword research programs!
  • An exhaustive Action Guide walks you through every step required to establish a fully functional, effective website that can be monetized for substantial monetary gain.
  • Active member’s forums are guaranteed to answer questions and solve problems that new members often face while setting up and operating their websites.
  • Site Sell assists members when Google algorithm updates create chaos. Through newsletters, forums, and other communications, SBI helps all members understand these changes so every website can recover quickly.
  • Easy to use website builder that does not require technical knowledge of web design.

Homeschooling Entrepreneurship - SBI Disadvantages

  • It costs $300 per year per domain.
  • The process is not as fast as setting up Wordpress. It takes more time to work through the Action Guide and ensure your website is fully functional, focused on the best niche, and completely optimized for search engine friendliness. Not everyone wants to take the time to ensure their future success.

The biggest difference between SBI and Wordpress is the goal of the program. While Site Sell designed SBI with the intention of helping members easily create fully functional, attractive websites with the potential to earn real money, Wordpress was designed to help users set up a blog quickly and affordably. There is a big difference between starting an online business that makes you money and setting up a quick blog.

If you are at all worried about keeping up with Google algorithm changes and ensuring that your website remains functional and competitive as standards change, Site Sell’s SBI is your best option. Wordpress will not offer any help when you are slapped by one of these updates.

SBI could be considered an MBA in a box and a crash course in online marketing in addition to being a super simple website builder. That is why it is not offered for free.

I've tried to be as impartial as I could when writing this review; it wasn't easy. Before I discovered Site Sell's SBI I spent time (months) and money trying to learn and use Wordpress, and that wasn't easy either. If you would like to see more comparisons between SBI and Wordpress, just click here and you'll be able to do a side-by-side test (for free).

If you have any questions about SBI and would like to speak with a live person, just call the number below.

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