Homeschooling Entrepreneurship
10 Tips To Encourage
Your Budding Entrepreneur

Homeschooling Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial spirit is not always encouraged by parents, teachers, and school administration. Public schools, and even many private schools, have a vested interest in encouraging children to think and act alike. Children who are encouraged to embrace their individuality and creative spirit have a huge advantage later in life when their independence and sense of self can make them great entrepreneurs.

The homeschool environment is the perfect setting to encourage creativity for future entrepreneurs. The following tips will help you nurture your child’s creativity and individuality for a strong entrepreneurial spirit later in life.

Homeschooling Entrepreneurship - 10 Tips

  1. Do not teach your child to follow rules blindly. Give them permission to question and challenge rules in a respectful, appropriate manner. For instance, if they do not agree with their current bedtime, allow them to deliver a presentation making their point in front of the family. It is their job to convince you that the rules should be changed. Teach your child to present an alternative when they challenge a rule.
  2. Allow your child to set personal goals. Encourage them to make a list of things they can do to reach their goals. Make sure they understand that their goals must be reasonable and measurable, and they must set a deadline on those goals. Allow your child to do the work to meet those goals, which will include coming up with alternative strategies when one plan does not deliver results.
  3. Reward your child with positive encouragement, and stay away from harsh criticisms. Some of their ideas, projects, and goals may fail. This is your opportunity to discuss why the failure occurred and brainstorm ways to do it better. Negativity will discourage a budding entrepreneur from trying new things.
  4. Instill leadership skills in your child by allowing them to lead in your home. You may allow them to lead some of their homeschool lessons on a particular day of the week. They may also want to lead you through a field trip outing. Sporting events present opportunities to lead as well.
  5. There is a difference between offering support and preventing failures. You want your children to fail while they are in your homeschool so they learn to overcome those failures. Entrepreneurs face challenges and make mistakes, but the successful ones see those failures as opportunities for improvement.
  6. Allow your budding entrepreneur to face problems on their own. You can help your child brainstorm potential solutions to the problem, but they should decide how the problem is solved and put that resolution into action. This will give them greater confidence when facing obstacles and making important decisions, which is important for the budding entrepreneur.
  7. Do not overschedule your child with homeschool activities, social engagements, sports, and other extracurricular pursuits. Your entrepreneur needs time to work on personal goals and explore creative ideas. Your little entrepreneur has an advantage in this regard, thanks to your decision to homeschoool.
  8. Let your child see that you are confident in their abilities and know they will be successful. This will give them confidence by association.
  9. Present opportunities for your child to make money through their own hard work, and then encourage them to manage that money properly. This experience will teach financial responsibility, which is required for entrepreneurship.
  10. Do what you love, stay positive, and make the most of each day of your life. You will encourage your child to live in the same manner.

An entrepreneurial spirit and creative mind can take your child to great places in the world. Add a solid work ethic and passion for what they decide to do in life, and you have a winning equation for future success. There will come a day that you do not have a lot of control over what your child does with their life, but right now the homeschool experiences you set up will push your entrepreneur in the right direction.

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