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Become The Best Homeschooling Parent You Can Be
Here Are 7 Tips To Help You

Become The Best Homeschooling Parent You Can Be - 7 Tips

As humans, we always want to put our best foot forward. Whatever task we turn our hands to needs to be completed to the highest standards. Here are seven ways that you can strive to be the best home educating parent possible.

As Christians, it goes without saying that praying should be the first thing we do, so I did not include it as a specific tip; but always remember to start your day with prayer.

The Aim of Home Education

Public educational institutions as well as home education do share a common goal: Providing quality educational services to the children who need them. If homeschooling is the option you have chosen, know that challenges lay ahead for you. What was once taken care of by the school system will now be on your shoulders to maintain: record keeping, compliance with state laws, extracurricular activities, college prep, teaching lessons and providing anything else your child’s education demands.

This is said not to scare you but to help you to prepare for what is ahead. Most home educating parents would gladly take that learning curve again if it meant the chance to be a part of their child’s education. When you are the teacher, you can make sure that your child learns what they need to know to survive and succeed in this world.

7 Ways to Become the Best Home Educating Parent you can be

  1. Know the laws and regulations – Before you get started with home educating, know exactly what the laws say in your state and local community. Become thoroughly familiar with milestones, requirements and the like so that you are always up on the latest changes.
  2. Develop a learning philosophy – What do you want your kids to know? How do you want to teach them? What type of structure will work best for your child? Read up and educate yourself on the ways that this philosophy can be implemented.
  3. Consider your child’s needs and learning style A child that is prone to getting off task may need a curriculum that is more structured. Visual learners won’t benefit from a lot of drab textbooks. Consider how they learn and choose materials that speak to that. You can always change later if their style changes.
  4. Seek out resources – Homeschooling doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. Find the network of home educating parents in your area. Search for online forums, chats, websites and groups as well.
  5. Devise a plan – Whether you are traditional, eclectic or prone to unschooling, have a plan in place when you begin to homeschool. This inspires confidence in you and in your kids.
  6. Be prepared – Set up a home educating environment that is separate from other family areas. Create a learning area for kids to focus on their studies. Take time to complete a schedule and prep lessons for the week ahead of time. Try your best to stick to a particular time each day for lessons to take place so kids develop a sense of their schedule.
  7. Socialize – Socialization is an important part of school. Meet regularly with other homeschooling parents and their kids. Let kids participate in outside sports, clubs and activities so they get to meet others their age.

Homeschooling is not easy, but the journey is well worth it.

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