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Homeschool Record Keeping
A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Homeschool Record Keeping - A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners 

If you have elected to educate your child at home, it is imperative that you learn a few basic facts pertaining to record keeping. The records that you keep in regards to the homeschool classroom are a form of documentation, or proof, of the education that your child has experienced, the achievements that they have experienced and other activities that are directly related to their educational progress.

However, these records must do more than simply highlight the educational experiences associated with your child; they must also demonstrate that the education that you are providing your child is adequate and effective. Based on the court proceedings that have involved families that elect to homeschool their children, good records often indicate that a child has received, or is receiving, a good education. If you are new to homeschooling, this guide will assist you. Here, you will learn important information pertaining to homeschool record keeping.

The Purpose and Intent of Effective Record Keeping

In order to completely understand the process of record keeping for your homechool, it is important to first learn the purpose and intent of keeping detailed records when you educate your child at home. The following highlights the main reasons why record keeping is imperative:

  • The first reason to ensure that you engage in record keeping is to make certain that you are in compliance with the laws of your state pertaining to educating a child in the home.
  • The second reason is to ensure that you are able to satisfy the educational requirements as set forth by your state.
  • You may use the information that you include in your homeschool records  to establish how successful your educational endeavors are to those that work in your district, those that are part of your local school board, and even those that work in the judicial system, if necessary.
  • The information that you document while homeschooling may be used to prove the education that your child has experienced throughout their lifetime to vocational schools, colleges, online colleges, trade schools and even potential employers.
  • The information that you document in your record keeping endeavors may assist your child in obtaining various types of scholarships.
  • If you, one day, elect to take your child out of the homeschool environment and place them in another type of school, such as a charter school, a private school or a public school, the information that is included in your files will help the educational facility determine their general level of education.

Homeschool Record Keeping Details

Now that you understand the purpose and intent of record keeping, it is time to learn what types of records should be kept. While it is important to document that which your state laws require, it is important to also document a little extra. The following highlights the most recommended records, according to parents that are established in the homeschool classroom:

  • It is important that you keep a record of your child’s attendance each day, or lack thereof. If your child must miss a day of homeschooling, you should outline why and attach any supporting documentation, such as doctor notes.
  • You should ensure that you keep a log of the amount of time that your child spent on their education each day. In addition to this, it is imperative that you include information on how long your child spent doing various subjects.
  • You should make sure that you keep any state mandated test scores and/or transcripts regarding your child when completing record keeping activities.
  • Nearly all homeschooled children engage in extracurricular activities, volunteer in their communities and engage in similar activities. It is critical that you ensure that you keep records of all of these activities.
  • You should ensure that you document any and all books that your child has read.
  • If your child receives any type of awards, commendations and other types of honor or recognition, it is imperative that you include the details in your recording keeping.


Homeschool record keeping is an extremely important aspect of your success as a homeschooling parent and of your child’s success as a homeschooled kid. You must ensure that you create a system that you are comfortable with and has the highest level of simplicity. It is critical that all of your records are legible and that they display the highest level of professionalism. You will quickly find that homeschool record keeping requires a lot of hard work, dedication and diligence.

However, should the need for the records arise, you will find that your efforts are highly rewarding. In addition to this, your child will benefit in numerous ways by your record-keeping skills. By following the advice contained in this comprehensive guide, you are sure to create a detailed file that successfully outlines all of the necessary state law requirements, as well as the “extra” that will benefit your child’s academic success as they progress through the grade levels.

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