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Homeschool Preschool - Pros and Cons of Early Learning

In doing some research for the preschool area of my website, I wanted to share with you some of what I learned regarding the pros and cons of early learning.

As the parent, you have control over what your baby learns and at what rate they learn it. The most important factor when it comes to early learning and homeschooling preschool is to teach your child without pushing or stressing them out, to have the attitude that if now is not the time, we'll do something else. Our ultimate goal is to teach our children to become lifelong learners. We'll be well on our way to accomplishing that goal when learning is fun.

If your child sees learning in a negative light, it could damage your bond, and could discourage learning in the future; so we have to be careful here.

Homeschool Preschool - Review what the experts say on early learning

Some experts encourage early learning saying it is good for both parent and child alike, while others say early learning is actually damaging. You will have to choose your path.

The decision is yours to make. Find out all the information you can from the experts, both good and bad, and then decide what your take on early learning is and whether or not you want to encourage it for your child.

Many early learning "experts" say that you can't teach a child something until that child is ready to be taught, no matter how intelligent the child is, or what the lesson being taught is.

They believe that until the baby's brain is developed to such a point that they can fully understand what is being taught, they will never be able to learn it. You will also find lots of information that disputes this claim, including stories about children solving algebraic equations at two years of age!

Along these same lines, other experts say that even if you are able to get your child to learn at an early age they won't remember the information as they grow older. These experts claim that early learning is a waste of time because the child is unable to retain what is being learned for any length of time to make the effort worthwhile.

Other experts claim that the reason so many older children have problems with retaining what they learn is because they are better able to do so at a younger age. They support early learning, encouraging parents to do all they can to encourage this process with their children.

Another argument against early learning is that children should be allowed to be children, meaning the same is true for infants and toddlers. These young ones should be interested in coloring books, baby dolls and trucks rather than reading or any type of learning activity. Many believe early learning is harmful to the child robbing them of their chance to enjoy life at the various stages as they grow.

Others believe that if lessons are taught in a fun way with a parent who is careful to watch for cues that learning time is over, then early learning is actually beneficial, not only stimulating the brain but helping to forge a stronger bond between parent and child.

Homeschool Preschool - Early Learning Is A Parental Decision

As a parent, some things you do will cause controversy among your friends and family. One such decision is choosing to practice early learning techniques with your child.

Homeschool preschool - early learning - what exactly is it? Early learning is the practice of teaching your children while they are still very small. There are several methods you can use to engage your child in a learning experience, but the most successful techinque is to make the experience as fun as possible.

A common fallacy is that a child begins learning as soon as it's born. The fact is - a child begins learning before it leaves the womb! It has been proven that a newborn baby can reocgnize the voices of those they've heard in the weeks before birth. The child will recognize the mother's and father's voice as well as those of any siblings.

Homeschool Preschool - Learn all you can about early learning but the ultimate decision is yours

Early learning has many proponents as well as many opponents. In the past, many parents, in a rush to see their children gain an intellectual advantage over their peers, would use a highly intensive drill of showing cards with pictures and related words to their infant children along with verbal cues as to what was represented on the cards.

Many parents were looked upon as being too aggressive for the good of the child. The entire early learning process was called into question as to whether or not it was a good thing.

Learning techniques can be too intensive or they can be presented more on the child's level. Most parents today who choose to start their children off earlier on their learning experience have learned that the activities which produce the best results are those closer to the level of the child, incorporating the element of fun.

Just like adults, children will retain more information when it's absorbed in a favorable manner. A favorite way for any child to learn is by participating in a fun activity that's shared with their parents or siblings.

Homeschool Preschool - Early Learning - It's a Personal Choice

Whether or not you choose to use early learning techniques with your child is purely a personal choice, which only you can make. I've tried to provide some insight on the topic; but you must decide what you wish to accomplish with your child's early education, and make your decision based on that consideration.

As parents it is your duty to prepare your child to interact and survive in the world around them. How your child is educated will have a huge impact on their life; you have the starring role in your child's education.

It's your decision to make. Think about your child, and then study all you can about the many different views on early learning and decide which path you believe is best.

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