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Homeschool Kindergarten Successfully

Homeschool Kindergarten Successfully


Many parents have an interest in learning how to successfully homeschool kindergarten. There are many reasons why a family may elect to utilize a kindergarten curriculum. This is especially true when it comes to parents of children that are old enough to enter kindergarten in their state of residence. Many may feel as if their children lack the maturity to enter traditional school, while others may want to provide a gentle introduction of the school system by starting in the home. Then, there are many that elect to homeschool kindergarten because of their religious beliefs.

Whatever your reason is for electing to educate your kindergarten-aged child in the home, it is essential that you learn a few strategies on how to make the most of your school year. The ABCs, the core curriculum and even time management are all important aspects of the homeschool environment for school-aged children. In this home education guide, you will learn some basic information on what kindergarten students should be learning and wil be provided with some free resources that will assist you in this endeavor.

Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum

As a parent interested in designing a homeschool kindergarten curriculum, it may prove to be challenging to determine the skills and lessons that should be included in that core curriculum. Various organizations, schools and educators seem to vary from one degree to another on the subject. Ultimately, the question is...should a parent focus on academic and cognitive based skills, or emotional development skills and mental health skills? The truth of the matter is, you have an advantage over traditional schools that are limited in instruction time, resources, one-on-one interaction and finances. As a homeschool parent, you have the freedom and flexibility to create a curriculum that covers emotional growth, mental health skills, academic growth and cognitive skills. Honestly, it will be in your child's best interest to focus on all of these types of skills.

Core Academic Curriculum

When creating your core curriculum for kindergarten, there are certain basic skills and concepts that should be covered. These are the skills that will build as your child moves through each grade level. Below you will find an outline of the most basic core requirements according to most states:


  • Your child should be introduced to numbers 0 to 100, and ideas associated with those numbers.
  • It is essential that your child be introduced to all basic geometric shapes and are educated on patterns.
  • The basic properties associated with addition and subtraction should be introduced.
  • Basic concepts pertaining to fractions should be reviewed.
  • Your child should be aware of how to order numbers and sort sets that are matching.


  • Phonics should be introduced to the kindergarten student so that they are able to learn the sounds associated with consonants and short vowels.
  • Rhyming is an important concept that should be introduced in the homeschool kindergarten curriculum.
  • Logical and chronological sequencing exercises should be provided to enhance your child's skills.
  • Classifying is an essential skill that your child should understand.
  • Your child must learn to distinguish between auditory elements and visual elements in reading.

Vocabulary Enhancement:

  • Common word beginnings should be taught. Common word endings should be introduced.
  • Your child should learn to scan for key words when reading and learning to spell.
  • Your child should learn new vocabulary words that include short vowels.
  • Word games should be integrated into the curriculum to enhance their skills.


  • The child should be encouraged to copy and print letters.
  • The child should be encouraged to copy and print words.
  • The child should be encouraged to copy and print sentences that simple in nature.
  • The child should be encouraged to copy and print shapes in order to enhance their fine motor skills.
  • Graphic organizers may be integrated into the homeschool kindergarten curriculum in order to enhance the dhild's understanding of writing concepts.


  • The child should be introduced to the basic components of a computer.
  • Basic instruction on how to use a keyboard and mouse should be included.
  • Word processing skills should be introduced to the child.
  • The child should be encouraged to engage in graphic skills.

As you can see, there are many different subjects and skills that should be introduced in the homeschool kindergarten curriculum. In addition to the above-mentioned skills, your child should also be introduced to science, grammar, poetry, music, communication skills, art and social studies. You may also encourage your child to actively take part in sports, spiritual studies and social activities. By creating a well-rounded curriculum for your child, you will find that they achieve greater levels of academic and personal successes throughout their lifetime.

To help get you started with your curriculum, click here for some free homeschol resources for kindergarten.

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