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Homeschool Curriculum Review - Math Without a Calculator - Fun with Figures

Math is not the easiest subject for many children and adults. If you are a homeschooling parent and your child seems to struggle with the subject, there might be a new way to engage them and help them to love mathematics. They can learn to do math without a calculator.

We are talking about Fun with Figures. This amazing eBook teaches the reader how to have fun with figures – math figures. According to the teachings, we have been learning to do math in the Western world all wrong for centuries. Vedics from Ancient India had devised a math system thousands of years ago, but their teachings had been lost.


Now, they have been discovered and what they show can help even the most frustrated math student to grasp the concept of it and then also learn to love working with the numbers. Math has always been that subject that was fraught with challenges but now it doesn’t have to remain that way. Children who encounter problems early on can forever be affected by their experience with math. Since many careers depend on the ability to work with figures, this can limit their future choices.


That doesn’t have to be the case. According to the Ancient Indian principles, we have been training our brains to work with numbers in a way that is not natural for it. That is one of the reasons it is hard to perform mental mathematics. That is what “math without a calculator” means – performing simple and very complex calculations entirely in your head.


Even at the best of times, mental math is a challenge that can leave students frustrated. According to this eBook, your brain will see the logic in the Vedic techniques and take to math much easier. For those who are watching you perform your mental calculations, it will seem like magic.

Homeschool Curriculum Review - Math without a Calculator - Fun with Figures - What is Offered

For an introductory low price offered you will gain immediate access to a downloadable eBook that will offer you and your frustrated math student the secrets of the ancient Eastern world.


Children are not weighed down with pages of boring theory. The techniques described are easy for even a child to comprehend and utilize. You are given instructions on exactly what to do and the reasoning behind it. There are examples and practice problems so you can test out what you have just learned and see the results for yourself.


You can begin right away retraining your brain to work with numbers that once were a source of frustration. Calculate multiplication problems with 2-digit numbers in seconds; complete problems with fractions in your head without the need for paper; learn a new approach to working with multiplication tables that don’t require simple memorization.


Your child can develop a new love for math in minutes that can change their future.

For more information and/or to purchase Math without a Calculator-Fun with Figures click here.

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