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Growing with Grammar

Homeschool Curriculum Review - Growing with Grammar

Grammar is not taught once and then left alone. It is taught from a young age and on up so that kids can learn all that there is to know. They build on previous knowledge so that their comprehension gets better until they can grow on their own. Growing with Grammar teaches kids at an earlier age than in traditional school how to begin to understand the written language.

This series was written by a homeschooling mom so it is from the standpoint of the parent teaching a child. Each course is designed for 36 weeks of study, teaching grammar twice or three times a week. This schedule can be adjusted if you feel your child needs more or less time on the subject.

Homeschool Curriculum Review - Growing with Grammar - What is Offered

Grades 1 and 2 have one comprehensive book to work with instead of two for the other levels starting with Grade 3. The workbooks are spiral but the binding is on the top. This allows more space for writing for both left handed and right handed students. All instructions as well as exercises are contained in this one book. Because the child is so young, parents will have to do a lot of reading for them to explain what they are learning and how to approach the exercises.

At Grade 1, kids are presented with a lot of grammatical information: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and the 4 types of sentences, verb tenses, predicates and the like. Everything is easy to read because of the large print and colorful illustrations. These illustrations lessen throughout the grade levels until they are just about non-existent in Grade 6.

Because parents are working so closely with their kids, they can spot areas of concern. Weak spots can be taken more slowly until the child understands and then move on to more advanced concepts. The thing about grammar is that most concepts are reintroduced each year but with more challenging applications. This increases retention of the material and solidifies the base of learning.

Beginning with Grade 3, there are two workbooks, a Student Manual and a Student Workbook. The student workbook is still spiral bound on the top to allow room for writing. The Student Manuals are spiral bound on the left and provide the instruction kids need to complete the lessons in the student workbook. Both closely correlate which is a good thing since there are no page numbers or an index to find a certain subject of grammar. Since the lessons are followed in sequential order, this is not a problem.

Each grade introduces something more advanced after Grade 2. Grade 3 introduces sentence diagramming and adverbs. Grade 4 intrudes prepositions and prepositional phrases, conjunctions and interjections. Grade 5 introduces variations on previously taught concepts like reflexive pronouns and subject-verb agreement. Grade 6 introduces verb tenses and clauses.

Kids learn grammar in an ordered but effective method with Growing with Grammar.

To learn more about Growing with Grammar click here to visit their website.

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