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Homeschool Curriculum Review - Complete Curriculum, LLC

Getting started with homeschooling can be both daunting and expensive for parents. When it comes to the curriculum that you use, it doesn’t have to be. One the most inexpensive curriculums on the market is Complete Curriculum.

Homeschooling is about giving your child a complete education as you see it as a parent. Here, you have more flexibility and can pick and choose from different materials to build a program that will satisfy your needs. But, there is an expense that could be involved in this proposition. If you have more than one child, then that also adds to your startup costs.

What if you could customize your teachings, incorporating your style and considering your child’s unique way of learning? You can and without spending a lot of money to get started.

What is Offered - Homeschool Curriculum Review - Complete Curriculum LLC

Complete Curriculum is a digital program that can be used to teach students from kindergarten through Grade 12. Simply use their online educational tools to help you manage each subject and the lessons being taught. For a yearly membership fee of $19.95, you and your students have access to a digital bookshelf of ten texts that you create for them to use.

Each grade level contains courses for Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Math. Within each course, you have access to about 180 lessons to use for the entire school year. But, you don’t have to utilize them all. You can pick and choose.

The process begins by signing up as a member of Complete Curriculum on their website ( Once a member, you can begin creating your digital textbooks. You can then login to My E-Shelf. Choose to create your own lesson if you want to upload your own or you can click on a particular subject course for a particular grade level. You can then review the lessons available for that particular course.

Now you are ready to create a customized textbook for your child. Click on the lessons you want included or select them all. The textbook will be created and added to your E-Shelf. Now you can designate a password and login (as well as email address for content delivery) for your child to use to login and access the textbook you have created for them. You can do this for up to ten textbooks at a time.

It bears noting that the approach of this course, while good, is also secular in nature. Parents who want a biblically based program for their children may find a problem with some of the history and science lessons. You may add your own material to introduce a Christian worldview for these lessons so that there is a balance.

Complete Curriculum is an affordable way to get started with homeschooling and customize your teaching for each child.

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    Jesus humbled Himself when He agreed to be the sacrifice for our sins. The Holy Son of God allowed Himself to be beaten and crucified to pay the penalty for our sin. Because He knew exactly who He was, He could choose to humble Himself on our behalf.

    Humility = a true knowledge and awareness of one's self as one really is.

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    For a child, emotions can be very big and scary things, and not just for younger children. The emotional upheaval of adolescence can seem overwhelming as well. Helping kids identify, understand, and take ownership of their emotions does them a life-long favor. But how can you do this?

    Here are some tips on how to help kids understand their emotions.

    1. Name the Feelings

    To small children, emotions are nameless, scary things. Sometimes we forget they don't always know what is happening to them in the middle of an emotional "moment"!

    For toddlers and preschoolers, it helps to provide the words that go with the emotion. "Right now you are feeling angry," you could say. This helps them understand what's going on: "Anger - so that's what that is!"

    For older kids and teens, it might help to explain some of the changes they are going through and let them know that overwhelming emotions are normal for their age. Let them know nothing is wrong with them, adolescence is part of growing up.

    2. Feelings Are Not "Wrong"

    Sometimes, in our efforts to correct undesirable behavior, parents correct their kids for feeling a certain way. But no one can really control the way he or she feels about something; what we can control is how we act.

    Try validating your child's feelings - "I understand you feel frustrated, and it's okay to feel frustrated," while also correcting behavior - "You can feel frustrated, but you can't throw things." Then you can offer an alternative. "When you feel frustrated, scream into this pillow," or "Punch the pillow with your fist." It's important to provide an outlet and let your kids know what is acceptable behavior, not just what isn't.

    3. Talk about Your Own Feelings

    Give your own feelings names, and do it verbally. You can say you feel angry, or really excited, or whatever emotion causes you to behave in a way that makes your kids take note. Hopefully, you can also model appropriate outlets for those feelings. If you fall short on this one, talk about it with your kids. Let them know no one is perfect and never will be. Ask them how Mom/Dad could have handled the emotions better.

    4. The Feelings of Others

    As your child comes to understand the words that belong to the feelings and, for older kids, some of the reasons behind the big emotions, you can point out if a behavior of theirs makes another person feel a certain way. Your kids will learn what that feels like, and will likely want to stop whatever behavior makes the other person feel bad.

    For example, you could tell your child you understand she is angry, but she is causing her little brother to be very sad. Your daughter will understand what "sad" feels like, and probably won't want to keep making her little brother feel that way. This will help your kids in relationships later, too - empathizing with the emotions of others is important to having effective interpersonal relationships.

    Rejoice in the Lord,


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