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Want a homeschool education for your child that is more loosely structured to give their mind more avenues of growth? Then Ambleside Online might be an option. It is based on the teaching method of Charlotte Mason.

Who is Charlotte Mason? She was a British educator who chose a different track for teaching students. It wasn’t until the late 20th century that her work was revisited and applied to a new generation of homeschool students. She believed that learning was a process and not just to put the knowledge into a child’s head for an exam. She sought for children to understand and internalize the information that was presented to them. With her method, the teacher presents ideas to a child and it is up to them to decide how to use it.


Her curriculum was also Christian based. The Bible is the main source of knowledge about God and it could be incorporated into a number of subjects including history, art, language, science, music and literature. Learning was first done orally, with a child repeating a story that was told to them and then writing it down to reinforce the information.


Homeschool Curriculum Review - Ambleside Online - What is Offered


Ambleside Online is a completely free program that is available online for those who wish for their children to partake in a Charlotte Mason education. It bears saying (because they say it too on the website) that this curriculum is based on her teachings but do not follow it point for point. It is assumed that parents are already familiar with her methods so that they can make sure that the methods they use for teaching utilize her ideas. For any parent who might be interested in a Charlotte Mason type curriculum, there are links to free copies of her books so you can read up on her and decide for yourself.


The program includes a curriculum guide and booklist for each grade from Kindergarten to grade 11. Grade 12 booklist and weekly schedule are still being developed.  What you will have to purchase or find are the books on the booklist that are needed for each lesson. For example, Year 0 (Kindergarten) uses a lot of picture books for lessons. You might already have some of them or you can buy the ones suggested for use in the lessons. Another option is the weekly schedule for each grade year which is based on a 36-week school calendar.


Printable charts are available for your weekly schedule if you take that route. To complete your program, add a math curriculum of your choice and a foreign language when needed. Any resource that you find on the website is free to use. Sign up for the email list for additional support from Ambleside Online.

For more information about Ambleside Online Curriculum, click here.

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