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Homeschool Curriculum Review - ABC's of Homeschooling Class

Are you new to homeschooling your children? It can be both an exciting and an intimidating venture. If you have more questions and doubts than answers and confidence, you might want to consider the ABCs of Homeschooling class. New homeschooling parents can find the resources they need to have a great first year.

According to the website,, most homeschooling parents feel that it takes about 2 years to reach their stride. That is good news but what about you and your child(ren) during that time? This class answers that question for you. Homeschooling parents, Todd and Terri Johnson, have put together a class that will provide you with all the information that you need to have a successful first and second year of teaching your kids at home.


Homeschool Curriculum Review - ABC's of Homeschooling Class - What is Offered


When you sign up for the class, ABCs of Homeschooling, you will receive a free copy of their 5-day mini class, 5 Ways to Know that you are on the Right Track! For parents who are ready to give their kids another educational option but still looking for positive reinforcement, this is it. Because it is sent in a digital format, you can receive it in minutes and begin to devour the advice.

The homeschooling class they are offering is right now available to 1,000 people. They want to keep the class size down to make it more manageable even though it is all conducted online through email and their site.

This is a 26-week class that provides parents with one email a week that contains step-by-step instruction, through experience, from Todd and Terri. It will contain advice about an aspect of getting started with homeschooling plus ways to implement each principle during the coming week. They confront issues such as teaching more than one grade level and student at a time, organizing your learning environment and how to make field trips more fun. The format is set up like this to maximize retention of the information they are giving you. Otherwise, most people would only remember a few tidbits, not enough to begin and maintain a well-rounded homeschooling program.

This class lasts for six months. Each month, you’ll also receive free curricula material from their sponsoring partners that can be downloaded and used right away. They calculate it at almost $300 worth of free material.


There are also several bonus gifts that come along with signing up and paying for the class. There are 12 total including materials from some of the partners who will be sending you free instruction materials. The twelfth bonus gift is a report, Scope and Sequence Checklist that lets you know which information your child needs to learn at each grade level.


Initially you will pay $10 for joining and then $10 per month as long as the class lasts. If you want all of the bonus gifts and free curriculum material right away, you can pay $67 upfront for everything.

For more information and/or to purchase the ABC's of Homeschooling Class, click here.

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