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Do you know about these wonderful books? They are all fantastic resources for homeschooling parents. These are some of the bestselling favorites that homeschooling parents recommend over and over.

Homeschool Books - "100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum" by Cathy Duffy - The key to a happy homeschooling experience is to marry the curriculum you choose (or create) with your overall educational philosophy. This book helps you do just that. It's a must read for parents at the beginning of their homeschool journey or anyone who wants to breathe fresh life into their child's home education.

Homeschool Books - The Core Knowledge Series
- If you're concerned about your child keeping up with their non-homeschooled peers, the Core Knowledge Series is for you. The books are titled "What Your First Grader Should Know", "What Your Second Grader Should Know", all the way up to the sixth grader. You could, in fact, use these volumes as a guideline to create your own curriculum.

Homeschool Books - The Kingfisher Books - The Kingfisher First Animal Book and the Kingfisher First Human Body Book are wonderful for preschoolers and young children and could form the basis of an early science curriculum. The other titles in the Kingfisher lineup are also excellent resource materials for homeschooling families.

Homeschool Books - Susan Wise Bauer's Story of the World - Susan Wise Bauer is a homeschooling advocate and author of several books on classical homeschooling. Her Story of the World history books are favorites among home educators. They create a real, living history experience for children and are enjoyable for parents. The series have companion workbooks for those who want to use them alongside the volumes.

Homeschool Books - John Holt's Teach Your Own and How Children Learn - John Holt, a public school teacher turned unschooling advocate, has written many groundbreaking books ont he topic of how children learn. Even if you don't adopt an unschooling method, reading these books will give you confidence that as a homeschooling parent you're capable of educating your child well.

Homeschool Books - The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas by Linda Dobson - This one is another favorite of homeschoolers everywhere. One of the challenges we face is coming up with ways to teach our kids (and ourselves) the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic from day-to-day. This book offers hundreds of ideas you can try to keep things fresh and interesting.

Homeschool Books - The Unschooling Handbook by Mary Griffiths - Unschooling, or child-directed learning, is practiced by an estimated 10-15% of American parents. This book teaches you how to use the "whole world as your child's curriculum" and is a breath of fresh air to parents who trust their children to learn naturally with minimal outside interference.

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For ebooks on home and school by Sherri Graham, click the icon below. I have purchased and read some of her ebooks and received lots of useful information.


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