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7 Tips for Transitionsitioning from
Public School to Homeschool

7 Tips for Transitioning from Public School to Homeschool

It may become necessary to remove your child from the public school setting and establish a homeschool environment. Whatever your reasons for homeschooling, here are some tips to help you with the transition.

Public School Dissatisfaction

Many start their children off in traditional school. It is free and provides your child with teachers who are trained to provide instruction in a variety of subjects. People decide to homeschool their children for different reasons. Public schools can be overcrowded, large student to teacher ratio, peer pressure, lowered standards and other issues.

Maybe you want to add an element of Christian education. Religion is not a part of a public school education and one way to get it is to turn your home into a classroom.

Parents are growing frustrated with educational reform that is not benefiting their child. As a nation, the United States is slow in providing children with a stellar start early on in school. It is not enough that children are in a classroom. They need the tools to advance academically from an early age.


Homeschool environments can provide your child with the type of education that you believe that your child is entitled to. If they have begun their academic career in a traditional setting, it can be a challenge to you as a new home educating parent to assist them in making the transition.

7 Tips for Transitioning your Child from Public School to Homeschool

  1. Take it slow - Even for a young child (which is when most parents see the need for homeschooling), being home all day learning is a lot to digest. Home is where they go after school not for school. There will be quite an adjustment for your child at first.
  2. Take your time - As a parent, you don't have to be a professor to teach your child at home. That is what curricula are for. The materials that you purchase give you resources, hints and tips about presenting the information in a format that your child will understand.
  3. Be patient with your child - You have not been in the classroom with them so it may take a while to discover how they learn the best. All kids start off as visual learners but can change as they get older.
  4. Listen to your child - They can provide valuable insight into how they are used to doing things. Since they are not in traditional school any longer, you can combine what works from there with the new homeschooling environment to create a fun but focused way of learning for them.
  5. Break bad habits - In a classroom of one, it is hard to stay hidden. If you child was only squeaking by before, now you can challenge them to reach their full potential.
  6. Stick with what works - Daily drills in different subjects like math and spelling encourage kids to study. It is also a familiar link to the past that can make the transition a bit smoother.
  7. Find support - Going it alone can make the transition a lot rougher for you and your child. Link with other homeschooling parents in the community, online homeschooling communities as well as those who are making or have made the same journey you are now embarking on.

If you have made the decision to homeschool, stick with it. Remember, we're here to help and you can contact me directly here.

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